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With today's large ports, docking bays, canals, and complex piloting controls, UNIGINE 2 is ideal for companies whose employees need virtual reality and simulation training in order to captain large or small naval boats and ships through real-world scenarios.

Geometry waves with correct Beaufort scale, ship wake waves, shoreline simulation, underwater mode - all of this is available out of the box.

Beaufort Scale 0-12

3D geometric waves featuring adaptive hardware tessellation allows simulation of Beaufort scale from 0 to 12, thus representing all possible sea states, from calm waters to the most violent storms.


You can create nice swash zones, where waves smoothly fade out right next to the shore. There is also an effect of wet sand and wet objects on the shore: stones, litter, etc.

Ship Wake Waves

UNIGINE 2 provides an effect of a stern wave (when moving vessels leave a long trail on the water) and a so-called bow wave in front of vessels.

Above and Underwater

  • Waterline
  • Subsurface light scattering
  • Dynamic foam
  • Underwater mode
  • Caustics
  • Dynamic reflections
Image courtesy of Navantia / Arisnova

High Precision Intersections

One of the key features is ability to perform multiple intersection tests with the water surface due to fine CPU/GPU sync. High precision of such tests even on very rough sea states allows correct vessels placement, visibility tests, and height above the surface requests.

Panoramic Displays

UNIGINE 2 provides configurable multi-monitor/projector system for ultra-resolution displays, up to 360-degree panorama.

Image courtesy of Ai3D Pty Ltd